No smoking in rooms, cabins or the restaurant by Tennessee law!

No Smoking– For your convenience, we have cans located outside the rooms for cigarette butts. We would like to provide all of our guests with clean, comfortable rooms for their stay. Please help us continue to do this by refraining from smoking inside the rooms. All rooms, cabins and the restaurant are non-smoking by Tennessee law. Violators will incur additional cleaning fees

Check in: 3:00 PM Central Time

  • Early check fees may apply, so call if you are arriving before 3pm.
  • All guests must check in at The Hitching Post General Store
    please call if you’re coming in late, we will give you directions on how to get settled in when you arrive
  • Horse Owners must present your current negative coggins prior to any horses being unloaded, no exceptions!
  • HORSE OWNERS Please bring stall rakes, a hose and water buckets

CHECK OUT: 11AM Central Time

We don’t mind if you want to take one last ride, but you must clear out your room, unplug your RV, clean out stalls and ask the Manager where to park your vehicles!


  • 1-3 nights stays = 1 nights total charges
  • 4 or more nights = 2 nights total charges.

NOTE: We are on Central Time

Protect your belongings- We are fortunate to be located in a very safe area but ask that you protect your belongings during your stay. Guests are requested to lock the door of their rooms when going out or going to bed. The Management will not in any way whatsoever be responsible for any loss and/or damage to the Guest’s belongings or any other property from either the hotel room or campground. If we can assist you further in making sure your property is safe during your stay, please let us know!


$30 non-refundable pet fee for the first 2 dogs, $10 for each additional dog.

Good behavior is required. Dogs of any breed that are hostile or aggressive will be asked to leave the lodge/campground, along with their owners.

Dogs must be declared at time of arrival, additional fees may be charged

Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs while staying at our facility. If you need bags please let us know!

Bring the leash. Dogs must be kept on leashes no longer than 6 feet when outside their owners’ vehicles or rooms unless secured in a crate or dog run. Do not leave a tethered dog unattended or a loose dog unattended in your room.

Dogs left in rooms unattended must be in a crate and must not bark or disturb other guests. We have crates in various sizes available on a first come, first served basis.

Remember manners. Constant barking bothers other guests. If your pet is too vocal, you may need to make other arrangements.

Accidents happen, if they do please notify management as early as possible so we can appropriately clean the floor. Additional cleaning fees may be incurred.

Please see the additional information on services and products we offer for our four-legged guests.